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Dywizjonu 303 - technical information

Development of the area

Complex description - The housing estate consists of four buildings three to seven overground levels high, situated upon a single-level underground garage with parking places. The access to the estate and the entrance to the area is directly from Dywizjonu 303 street. The entire area of the estate is fenced off and guarded. Within the estate there are paths for pedestrians and vehicles providing access to the individual staircases.

Playgrounds - The estate hosts two equipped playgrounds for children.

Solid waste space
- The solid waste space is situated in the underground part of the building.

Monitoring - The estate area is continuously supervised by cameras.

Landscaping - The estate area is equipped with such landscape items as benches, wastebaskets, lamps.

Greenery - The entire area has low-raise greenery. There are lawns and bushes between the buildings.


Foundation - A ferroconcrete, insulated foundation plate.

Construction of the underground part - Ferroconcrete; part of the walls made in the hollow-wall technology.

Construction of the overground part - Ferroconcrete plate-and-post system with bracing ferroconcrete walls, partly brick-made construction walls.

Outer walls - Out of cement-and-sand or ferroconcrete blocks.

Inner walls - Out of cement-and-sand or ferroconcrete blocks.

Roof - A ferroconcrete, floor slab, waterproof and thermal insulation layers.


Outer plaster - Part of the facade insulated by light wet method, finished with plaster.

Clinker tiles
- Part of the facade insulated by light wet method, finished with clinker tiles.

Pergolas - Some of the terraces to be equipped with wooden pergolas.

Windows - Woodwork.

Other glazed surfaces
- Skylights in some of the staircases.

Balconies and terraces - The surface of the balconies is finished with broken stone (conglomerate), while the surface of the terraces is a cement plate to be individually finished by the inhabitants; railings and rails.

Outside window sills - Made of sheet metal.

Common parts

Entrance halls - The entrance halls to the staircases are finished with esthetic finishing materials. The floor surfaces are finished with broken stone (conglomerate), the walls are partly finished with broken stone, veneer and painted gypsum plaster, letter-boxes, mirrors. Glazed entrance doors to the buildings.

Elevators - Each of the staircases is equipped with an elevator supporting the apartment levels and the underground garage.

Staircases - The halls, flights of stairs and landings are finished with broken stone, the walls and ceilings are plastered and painted; railings.


Plaster - Gypsum plaster on the walls except for wet space where the surface is left unplastered; ceilings finished with gypsum plaster. Apartments are not to be painted.

Floors - Cement plate or anhydrite jointless floor as a base layer for the ultimate floor finishing.

Entrance doors - Reinforced doors, with a threshold; doormat before the door.

Inside window sills - Made of a conglomerate.


Wiring - Apartments equipped with an electrical board, underplaster copper wires, electrical outlets ending with a connection block; switches and sockets with electrical fittings; in the kitchen a wire with three-phase current for the electric stove.

Water supply & sewage - Cold and hot water supply installation laid up to wet spaces and the kitchen, ending with a plug; Sewage installation laid up to wet spaces and the kitchen, extruding from the shaft ready to be distributed inside the apartment by the inhabitant.

Central heating - Heating provided by the municipal network; in the apartments steel panel heaters; in the bathrooms electrical heaters.

Ventilation - Mechanical exhaust ventilation.

- In each apartment an RTV, telephone and Internet installation can be connected.

Access control - The estate area, the garage and the individual staircases accessible with personal identifiers; access to the garage through a gate operated with a remote controller.

Interphone - Each apartment has an interphone that can be replaced with a videodoorphone against a surcharge.

General monitoring - The estate area, the underground parking and the staircase halls can be monitored by cameras round the clock.

Elements not included in the finishing standard: inside doors, floor finishing, inside lighting, kitchen outfit, tiles, built-in structures and inside walls, sinks and washbowls etc, videodoorphone, terrace finishing.