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Biura na Tagore - description

Biura na Tagore provide office space situated in a modern and elegant residential building in the Old Mokotów district. There are excellent connections with the city center - one may easily and quickly reach downtown by both public means of transport and by car.

The Tagore complex consists of two buildings: a four-storey and a seven-storey one interconnected by a ground floor housing office space. Each office has its own entrance from the street. A two-level garage is located below the building.

The surroundings of the building were designed to create the impression of a fully organized, rich in detail and well-illuminated structure. The surface around the building is made of granite blocks. The ample greenery around the building and numerous lighting points bring out its architectural values.

The entire building is protected and monitored 24 hours a day. The building is equipped with cameras monitoring the entire premises, including the entrances, halls and the entrance to the garage. The images from all the cameras are recorded 24/7 and the current situation can be viewed on the monitors at the guard’s work place. The supervision of the building is conducted from the door attendant’s workstation.